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This takes you to the main page.This explains what Mugen is.These are characters you can add to your Mugen game.These are stages to add in Mugen.These are projects I am currently working on.This will answer your questions.These are sites that I recommend.This is my email, in case you want to contact me.


UPDATED: September 14, 2007

Q: "Is MUGEN legal? Aren't you stealing others' intellectual property?

A: If you are that concerned about legality, I suggest you leave. Now. Yes, many images and sounds do come from licensed commercial works, however MUGEN is not intended to infringe or interfere with their rights or sales. This is a hobby, not a commercial venture, and all works are intended as fanart and are not to be sold.

Q: "_____" character sucks. Why don't you make "_____" instead?

A: Sorry, but I only make the characters that I want. If you would like to see a particular character, I suggest you make it yourself. See my links section for advice/references. I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS for projects, unless I specifically ask for them. So don't ask. EVER.

Q: Can I make a full-game with MUGEN? Can I sell it?

A: Yes, in fact there are many full games available that utilize the MUGEN engine. See my links page for more info. No, you can not sell MUGEN. PERIOD.

Q: Do I have to buy MUGEN? Where can I get it?

A: No, you do not have to buy anything. MUGEN is free to download and use. Many people have fallen victim to unscrupulous people selling other peoples' MUGEN works in shitty compilation packs. Do not be one of these people. Download these things yourself.

Q: I want to make characters/stages/etc. How do I?

A: First download MUGEN and read the files in the 'docs' folder. Really, EVERYTHING you want to know is there. Its okay if you're a little overwhelmed at first, so just start small. Edit Kung Fu Man, download tutorials and talk to people at the forums for help. See the links page for more info.

Q: Can I use your sprites, sounds, etc. or edit your characters for my MUGEN projects?

A: Yes, all my works are open-source on the condition that you credit me for what you borrow. Also, that you not make something crappy out of it. There are many MUGEN works of subpar quality circulating around, so please spend some time learning how to code before you post your shin-orochi-omega-hyper-mega-holy-violent whatever character. Seriously.

Q: I think "____" WIP is awesome! Can I have a beta? Could you hurry up? etc.

A: Sorry, no. When I intend to release something, it will be uploaded to the site. Asking for early versions will be ignored. I work at my own pace, so unless I specifically need some things in order to proceed (e.g. sprites, sounds or coding help), there is little you can do to speed it up.

Q: Installing MUGEN is too hard! I can't get these characters/stages/etc. to work! Help me!

A: NO. Read what I have posted. I WON'T HELP YOU. Go to my links page, ask the people over at the forums for help. I learned how, so can you.

Q: lol hi i needs people to help ma prjecks for moogen wit coders sprits message me for awesum stuf you make sum naruto x bleach fight yeah real tight. sis cool i credit you wit dis. can i uses youre chars?

A: OK. What. The. Hell. If you write anything REMOTELY as incomprehensible as this to me, I swear that you'll never see a reply from me. ENGLISH ONLY, PLEASE!!!